What ‘not to carry’ when you travel abroad for studies

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The moment you book the ticket for your travel abroad to study, the million-dollar question starts haunting you and ends up consuming most of your time before your take-off. What do I carry in the ever-insufficient luggage allowance? It doesn’t matter how much the allowance is, it is never sufficing. If it is a short trip of a few days, you don’t have to worry about the luggage as you are sure to fit them all in the luggage. But, when you are traveling to study, you are unlikely to travel back home at least for a semester. It turns out to be quite a situation and demands some reckoning. While all that you have been living with needs to be packed in a suitcase, prioritizing seems to be the only way out.

While what we must carry sounds like a subjective topic to touch on, what we do not need to carry sounds like a reasonable start and that is the reason I am writing to help you decide what needs to be left behind. Or let’s put it this way. What flies with you and what doesn’t. Let’s get right off to the list!

The whole closet wouldn’t fit in that tiny suitcase

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Definitely not something that needs any contemplation at all. We are well aware of this fact but often fail to cut a deal with our fondness. Be wise and select according to what you would be wearing most of the time. Although it is necessary that you carry some cultural attires to don on that special occasion, a lot of them would just consume your luggage space and do less good to your kit concerns. Another thing to keep in mind is the weather in the place that you are going to stay for your studies. If you consider Stuttgart, a better part of the year is cold (at least to me!), it would be sensible to carry relatively warmer wardrobe. A smart assortment of clothes considering all that predicted occasions for the period before going back home is a must. Be it that neat suit for the interview or that appealing party wear. Have a few of everything.

Winterwear and Blankets

Agreed. Stuttgart has really cold winters. What that also means is that you can purchase winter clothes here too. And most of the times, warmer ones. When I started packing for my travel, I shopped a lot of winter clothes and I repent having done so. It not only consumed a lot of space in my suitcase, it also left me rather shivering at the peak of winter. It may cost you a bit more, but you’ll get the cloth that suits the weather here. Another space consuming thing that a few of us tend to carry are blankets. A few of my friends did and when I asked them, they reasoned it with all the ‘what ifs’. If you begin with ‘what ifs’, don’t stop until you stuff your luggage up. You’ll eventually end up removing the unnecessary stuff. There’s no reason the Stuttgart shops should desist from selling blankets. Or, is there?

Too much of groceries and food

I am an avid Indian food lover. Or, let’s say, for the most part of my life, I have had only Indian food and naturally, my taste buds are drawn to it. This doesn’t mean I have to stack my luggage with a lot if Indian groceries. I, fortunately, did not (The actual reason being not able to figure out what to do with them!). Stuttgart is international enough for you to find almost all the groceries you would want.

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Even if you carry the provisions, they wouldn’t last for more than a month or two. So, eventually, you will either find the store to find your groceries or you’ll start cooking with the available groceries. So, my suggestion would be to carry only those homemade stuff which you wouldn’t find elsewhere and a few foodstuffs to survive for the first week. Stuttgart will take care from then on.

The heavy tomes and gizmos

Books are awesome. I can keep going on and on about my love for books. Yet, there’s something I hate in books. Like there is in all the things that we love. They are heavy and consume so much space that you cannot afford to carry them even after filtering your choices folds. If you are okay with reading books on a reader, good for you. If you are someone who loves reading on paper, you have to make tough choices. A couple of them from your collection is okay to be carried. Your book rack has to take care leave the rest. Gizmos are yet another addiction that leaves us muddled. Be wise and carry only those you use at least once in a week. If your backpack has more than your laptop, tablet, a music player and probably an e-reader, you are possibly going overboard for the onboard.

Expensive items and cash

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It is quite evidently fathomable. Expensive the stuff that we carry, on the qui vive we have to be for a possible robbery. It doesn’t mean that we get stolen whenever we travel, but ‘just in case’ something goes wrong, it takes a while to recover. It could be something emotionally expensive or something that could leave a pecuniary dent. It is wise to be safe and leave them back in the locker they have been in unless you would be needing to don it for some really special occasion. Also, carrying too much cash with you is not advisable. Just carry as much as you need for the first few days within which you will have access to bank transactions in Stuttgart. Or, the smarter thing to do would be to have one of those travel cash cards. Travel risk and stress-free (Sorry to sound like one of those travel agency taglines)

With all that said, the article draws to a close. Be a smart traveler and always keep in mind that you are not traveling to a jungle or a desert which doesn’t have any shops. Come on, it is Stuttgart and the great city it is, you would not find it difficult to find things that will keep you living. Of course, Happily. Happy packing. Of course, the right things. Ciao Ciao.




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