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Student life – relaxed, self-determined, free – the best time of your life. Is this just a myth? What is student life really like?

Why blogging?

The University of Stuttgart’s student blog aims to make the often rather abstract concept of “university” a more open and accessible place. At USUS we focus on real experiences that are not necessarily part of the university’s official “small print”. Here you can find ideas that are worth reading, memories and a wealth of personal experiences based around the topics “at uni”, “outside of uni” and “after uni”.


Here, our students still write themselves: The articles on our blog are all written by students to give an insight into "real" student life. There is no PR editor here to smooth out the content. True to the motto "by students - for students", important, exciting and funny topics about studying and living in Stuttgart come here first-hand.

Therefore: Articles marked with the author's name reflect the opinion of the respective author and not always the opinion of the University of Stuttgart.

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Christina Fischer


Online Editor

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Jacqueline Gehrke



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