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Had it been a couple of decades earlier, the title of the blog would have been totally irrelevant. But today, technology has become so pertinent that living without them may well qualify as a challenge by itself. Our interactions with technology have become so frequent that our existence in the future without technology is a big question mark. A recent book I read went on to predict an addition of the 7th kingdom of life by the name ‘technium’ and dared to quote that human species will no more be called homo sapiens but an evolved species fused with technology. I took time to digest what I had read but eventually when I gave it some thought, it is true. We are evolving by infusing technology into our lives and it turns out to be an irreversible transformation. The change is here and instead of resisting the way things are approached, I would say, sketch out a balance for yourself and embrace the right amount of what is inevitable.

As students, our interaction with software to go about our daily tasks is so iterated that if we keep all our gadgets at bay for a day, the world would come to a standstill. A fact that bothers is the pricing on the software and as students, we sure have a lot better things to spend our tiny pocket on. To sort this out, Technical Information and Communication Services of the University of Stuttgart offers student licenses to a few handy software packages. So, in this article, I’ll give a lead to all the available free software and shortly describe how they could be of help to you. Here it goes,

Autodesk Student community

Autodesk has been the Messiah of the students of many engineering branches. There is a whole family of software available to use by making a simple account on their student community website using just your student account. It is a must have to the students of the faculty of architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, product design, animation, and games.

ChemDraw Professional

ChemDraw Professional from CambridgeSoft is a tool used for drawing, modeling and data management of chemical structures. With its robust chemical intelligence, a rich set of biological tools and provision of plugins to integrate with third-party applications easily, this software package could come in handy to students of chemistry, biology, and other relevant interdisciplinary sciences.


A godsend for the researchers which helps them to organize the numerous articles and books they read every day. Those students who constantly fret at the thought of writing a scientific paper must use this to structure the work in a better way and to avoid the hassles. Unfortunately, this is available only in German version currently and I hope they make the English version available soon. Happy Writing! Happy Citing!


This software helps students who have their course emphasized on product design and manufacturing to realize integrated and parametrical 3D designs. The package includes industry-leading tools which support optimal construction while complying to the industry-specific standards.


Data is the new fuel. And in my opinion, the data is trash if we are not able to make sense of it. FlexPro, made available for Uni Stuttgart students helps you in managing the humongous amount of data that you may come across. If you are a student who has a lot of data to manage, you could probably use this software and the tools it has to analyze as well as present data graphically.


MATLAB is primarily a numerical computing environment used to compute and analyze complicated mathematical equations and problems. It is helpful for students and researchers of science or engineering who recurrently has to solve complex mathematical equations by using a simple interface.

Microsoft Office

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Does not need an introduction if you use a computer. Does not matter which stream of studies you are in, Microsoft office is indispensable to make those never-ending reports or the flaunty presentations. Although this is not available for free of cost, a meager 4€ could get you a year’s license.

Microsoft Imagine

This is a program that helps IT education for students of MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Science, and Engineering) courses. Although this is not a software, it provides legal access to the Microsoft development products and helps the students develop their skillset in accordance with the industry requirements.

Origin and QtiPlot

These are scientific data analysis and graphing software solutions available for students who would like to analyze their data and present it graphically. These software packages have the possibility for cross-platform data analysis and 3d visualization. The professional version of Origin software is available at 14,28€ for Uni Stuttgart students.

Siemens NX

This 3D modeling and documentation software provided by Siemens help students with their tasks concerning product development. This software also helps in creating simulations, machining and quality control in structural, moving, thermal, fluid and multi-physical applications.


Available for all the faculties, this software package integrates a full range of mechanical CAD, design inspection, product data management, design communication and other CAD productivity tools into a user-friendly interface.

Sophos Antivirus

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This antivirus software comes in handy to detect and remove malware independent of the way in which the malware has infiltrated the system. It is necessary that you are connected to the university internet to install and update the software. You are allowed to install the antivirus in up to 3 private computers.


This application offered by IBM is meant for statistical analysis of data. Usually, if you have a lot of data out of your thesis survey or a project, you load the data into the software into and derive analyzed data. This is a favorite amongst the students who need statistical inference of their data.

VMware academic program

This comprehensive software licensing program which is designed specifically for higher education community gives access to cutting-edge virtualization technology and resources. However, before using the program be cautious and read the regulations as the consequences are quite stern.

Well, that ends the list of the available privileges for now with a thank note to the people making it available. Nevertheless, all the effort to make it available goes in vain if it doesn’t reach the students. Have your eyes and ears open for the privileges available for you as a student apart from the travel pass and reduced insurance fees. Tap it when you can and make the most.



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  1. Great tools enabling better research. Regarding other tools, there is the awesome list for research ( Concerning literature management, it also lists “JabRef”. While being postdoc at the University of Stuttgart, I also take the role of being the project lead there. In parallel, I maintain the scientific thesis template ( offering a quick start for theses written in LaTeX.

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