Study spots in Vaihingen campus

A campus is a fun place. Or rather, we could term it as an inclusive place. Be it to the cool guys who would as a matter of choice, keep chilling than attending the boring lectures, be it to those lovely couples who would spend quality time at the beautiful campus or the be it to the nerds who dive deep into their books and experiments. Speaking of books and studies, come exams and everyone falls prey to the ‘study trap’. Getting done with the exams is all we want. And how do we get about, study relentlessly. Not to forget, the assignments and the daunting reports with those terrifying deadlines.

Some of us have the ability to turn our room into a study place whereas some of us have an eternal fondness for the bed. This pleasant yet perilous predilection drives us away from our rooms and what do we look for? A place in between the lecture halls and our bedrooms that creates an atmosphere to help us solve the differences with the books and to make a pact. Fortunately, we have a lot of study spots in the campus in Vaihingen to resort to. Some are hushful than ever whereas some are blatantly boisterous. The choice is on us. Wherever our mind is able to strike the deal. Quite often than not, we are not aware of a lot of these spots. This article gives you a lead to the existence of these study shrines and might help you with your choice as well. So, let’s go.

The university library orrr… the Bib!

A beehive of the diligent sort. If you are someone who likes a quiet surrounding to study, this is the place to go. It certainly has a lot of books and journals that might be of relevance to many of you. But, most of the students visit the library for the study spaces in the offer. The study tables are organized over 5 floors of the building. Although there are many slots for the students, if exams are around the corner, the slots get filled quickly than ever. So, if you would like a place to study, better be aware of the timings and get there on time. Another good and latest addition to the library is the ‘learning center’ which is quite modern and comfortable for long sessions. The learning center also has a presentation room, where the students can check for access and practice their presentations.

Universum and Aquarium

Placed under the mensa, beside the Frisch Markt, this is a more of a cool hang-out place than a serious study place. Nevertheless, the noisy surroundings mean that people do not mind loud discussions here. That makes it apt for the group study sessions or even qualifies as one of the best places for group project meetings. This is one of my personal favorites as I did not mind the loud noise and did have a copy and a coffee machine in the house. A staircase ascend fetched me food and a few steps of walking fetched me motivational snacks. Not just that, any moment you feel distracted, a look around would make you realize how serious people are with their studies and will help you find your way back into studiousness.

Aquarium is almost the same as Universum, minus the proximity to the Frisch Markt. It is located behind the Universum and is a little less noisy comparatively. It also does have a copy machine inside and is usually packed during the exams. Although both places are located in the heart of the campus, I would really like to see some refurbishment planned as a lot of furniture have already worn out. Also, how about some more amenities?

Arbeitsraum at Studenten Sekratariat

This is a tiny workplace for students in the new building in Pfaffenwaldring 5C. Not sure of many of you being aware of this spot as it turns out to be a new one. Consequentially, it is quite quiet for now. However, I am not sure of this place being able to hold on to the quietness for too long. For now, silence prevails.

Hochschule der Medien

Although this is a different university altogether, the Uni Stuttgart students get access to the library and Lernwelt that is housed in the HDM buildings. The library is very quiet as any other library would be and the first floor of the library has cool workplaces with some couches, beanbags and digital screens. The Lernwelt is also a cool place for study hangouts and has everything to make your study day a not so boring one. The timings for Uni Stuttgart students are however different from the HDM students.

Of course, the list does not end without the mention of the places available for students in different buildings across the campus. The cafeterias also turn into intense study zones during the examinations. Does not matter where as long as you are able to feed your mind with what is required for the course. Find the place your mind agrees to be fed in. For some of us, the place might right be our bedroom. Leaving it to your preferences, let me wind this short article up. Bye.



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