More than just a degree: How University of Stuttgart helps students throughout their education

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If you are planning to start your higher education and University of Stuttgart is on your list of possible schools, or if you are already a student here, then allow me to help you understand how this institution provides you much more than just a degree.

With its numerous services from food, counselling to sports, University of Stuttgart takes a wholesome approach to further education, allowing you to not just become a professional but also a happy and healthy individual.

Cross Cultural Mentoring Program

With this program, the university provides international students with the crucial support they need at the start of their life in Germany. From questions related to finding the location of your new apartment, German language to best hangout spots, the mentors advise newcomers on important issues.

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The fact that the mentors are students themselves make this program very successful as the advisors can easily relate to the concerns of new arrivals.

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Student Counseling Center

If you want to have a word with a university official, the center offers general advice to students on a variety of topics. The goal is to guide students as they take on their academic journey, helping them choose the right subjects, advising about the university system as well as informing about possible career opportunities. Priority is given to student’s needs and wishes, and counsellors are available during the office hours for in-person session or phone call without an appointment.   

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Academic counselling

For specific questions related to study programs, the university enlists the help of professors and research assistants from different departments to advise students on technical details that are unique to the program. For this academic counseling, every department at the university nominates an official who then offers specific guidance to both current and prospective students about their study programs.

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Social counselling

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Moving to a new place, starting a degree program and earning money to fund your education can be an overwhelming experience. Doing all of this on your own can be challenging and that’s why Studierendenwerk helps students by providing advice on personal, social and financial matters. From illness, work-study balance to an emergency, the social counselling service is there to help students through difficult times.  

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Legal counselling

The legal framework of Germany can be confusing for many and students may have to spend hours trying to understand the various terms and conditions part of different contracts. For this purpose, Studierendenwerk offers legal services to students to help them with this. Be it your rental agreement, job contract or plagiarism issue, the legal counselling can guide you out of troubled waters through the support of an expert.

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Psychotherapeutic counselling

Student life can have a strong psychological impact on a person and while some may cope decently, others could crumble under pressure. In line with the idea of giving same importance to mental health as to our physical well being, Studierendenwerk offers psychotherapeutic counselling to students for issues spanning from low motivation, exhaustion to sleep disorders.

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Student life is characterised by two major struggles – little money and even less time. While this dilemma affects many aspects of our lives, eating proper food is on the top of the list. To lessen this burden, the university in collaboration of Studierendenwerk (a not-for-profit social enterprise under public law) provides good food at its various cafeterias and canteens for a low price.

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The Studierendenwerk also manages dormitories in the city to accommodate the growing number of students in Stuttgart. As finding a place to live in Stuttgart is increasingly becoming an impossible task, the dormitories offer a fail-safe option to the new arrivals. The dormitories are usually close to the campus, have adequate services and are relatively cheap.     

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Daycare centres

If you are a student with a kid, the Studierendenwerk manages affordable daycare centres in different parts of the city to take care of your child while you take classes, work on your assignments and go on a study trip.

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With at least five locations, the daycare centres provide a suitable environment for young children to grow with its carefully-designed indoor and outdoor play areas, gardens and sleeping sections.

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Education funds

Funding education is one of the biggest challenges students face during their lifetime. If not resolved smartly, this issue can have a negative effect a person’s ability to study hard and excel. Keeping this in mind, Studierendenwerk provides support to students in this regard as well. Students are given guidance on ways they can fund their studies; additionally, they are also offered loans and information on scholarship.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and that’s why every student must do something other than academic tasks to maintain a balance in their life. For interested students, the university’s Hochschulsport has a brilliant solution; with about 180 courses related to over 70 types of sport, students are spoiled for choice. From dancing, fitness to martial arts, Hochschulsport has something for everyone.

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Digital services

The Technical Information and Communications shop at the university provides several digital services such as printing, copying and scanning to students. The service comes with a low price tag compared to options available in the market. Additionally, the students have access to computer pools with workstations equipped with modern hardware and latest software in accordance to student needs.

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Language centre

Language plays an important role in determining how well can you settle in a new place and the university’s language centre is there to help to acquire the required language skills. Whether you want to learn a language for socialising or as a program requirement, the centre offers courses in a variety of languages to equip you with the skills that will help you in achieving your personal and professional goals.

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I wish you a pleasant stay at University of Stuttgart.



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