Forte, soul, creativity and Meraki

Meraki! The moment I heard the word, I had a crack at making funny rhyming words. There were quite a few but on a serious note, I related it to something that had to do with art. Vague enough but close enough. Heard from a friend that it meant a synergistic outcome when you put your heart and soul into it. Synergy, check. Heart and soul, double check. That was my impression when I witnessed the way the Meraki crew set the ball rolling with their premiere season. The performance sure took me by surprise as this was the first time I attended something this International and I watched on as the IZ foyer turned into an artistic melting pot. Apart from the performances, what caught my attention was how swift and engaging the whole show was. Frankly speaking, it did not seem like it was the team’s maiden show. Well, I thought that this could be beginner’s luck where everything goes in your stride out of mere luck. The second season was underway a few months later and to my surprise, everything was in order again, the performances, the organizing and zero goof ups! Now, that’s something!

So, it took me two semesters to be convinced of this crew’s ability to put up a show in a diligent fashion. Did I wait to be a part of the team? No ways. I reached out to one of the guys at the end of the second season wanting to be a part of the team. Welcoming enough, I was on board with the core team planning the third season, which, I admit was quite an experience. So, let me take you through my Meraki experience so that you get a fair idea of how the backstage feels. The fun part, the getting along part and of course the hard work.

Away from academics

A major source of inspiration for me to be engaged in organizing events is that it takes off any academic pressure and most importantly, sows a satisfaction of being productive. Organizing events as such sure consume a lot of our time, but they instill in us skills that can never be attained by sitting in those lecture halls yawning at the board or scribbling on your notebook. Sometimes you may think that you end up spending too much time on such activities which do not affect your grades. But, trust me, the trade-off is worth it and you will realize the outcomes on a longer run. Moreover, you get to show your creativity at doing things and since the crew is a young team, the situation gets better. I was not only able to carve myself a niche in doing what I loved, but also could learn better ways of doing things from the crew. It was fun as well as rewarding. A win-win situation.

Time to team up

Teamwork! Some people find it amusing while few find it taxing. It totally depends on the way we perceive another person’s idea or work. The tasks that confront us usually are not something that could be done alone. We will eventually have to join hands if we are to produce a great event. The team works have always been a fun ride for me as I make new friends and also get to learn creative ways to tackle the tasks at hand. Euphoric enough, the Meraki crew has been a treasure trove of talents and surprising humility. The team, though volatile, the coordination between the members is organized and is preserved to be so. What I have liked about working with the team is that no one makes a fuss about how much they contribute to the event but they just go on with a facile objective of making it all work.

Putting up a show

After spending the first two seasons amongst the audience, it was time for the third Meraki and what it meant to me? First one on the backstage. Factually, there was a lot to be done. But, the timely commitment of the team made everything seem easy. If truth be told, there was no time that I felt the heat of organizing an event. Not even on the day. Thanks to the impeccable backing from the IZ. Everything was right on place and time. Needless to mention, the Meraki ground zero, the IZ foyer is an amazing dais to host events. The memories of working with the team in the third season will always be cherished. As this season had slam poetry as one of its main events, my affinity towards literature found solace as I seized the opportunity to bond with a few of the poetic souls in the university. With art and photography exhibition as the other event, the absorbing art works attracted a great number of visitors. Altogether, this season ended up being an artistic charm and made waves amongst the art lovers and the artists themselves.

Now, that was an attempt to tell you folks about my experience with the Meraki as an audience and as a crew member. I hope you will now not wait for 2 semesters to be convinced. Let me know if I have made justice to my shot at persuading you to be a part of this great team. How to be on the crew? 

You are a local or international student of the University of Stuttgart and you enjoy making music? Then the Meraki Music Event on Friday, November 10, 2017, is made for you!


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