Dining possibilities at Uni Campus in Vaihingen

The biggest privilege you lose as you get out of your home to stay in the university dorm is home food. And, when you travel to a university abroad, the taste bud’s whines add to the woes. Well, if you are the ‘food explorer’ sort you see it as an opportunity. It changes so quickly. One day you are at home, eating all the delicious food and after a few flight hours, there you are. All alone. The first few days are bearable considering the excitement of the new. But, as time goes by, the transition kicks in serious. If you are a foodie, then you sure got some tummy crisis to handle.

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If you got some cooking skills, trust me, there is nothing better that can happen to you. Nevertheless, not everyone gets about the art of cooking with ease. For someone like me, who had never got into the kitchen, this was a double trouble situation. Oh! Wait, this doesn’t just happen to me, hundreds of others too face the tunes. The university campus in Vaihingen does have some options for dining. For the students who are always hungry, these eateries and restaurants are a boon. It took me some time to find these restaurants and try a few out as well. So, allow me to give you a lead to these places where you can possibly find answers to your hunger.


Of course, Mensa. This is a place probably everyone goes to. Owing to their wide range of menu and cheap prices for the students, this place attracts the most students of the university. The Mensa here has the highest seating capacity than any other eatery in the campus. Although the food is cheap, I opine on the food being flavorless. This may not be the case with you however as the perception is subjective. If you do not mind the flavor, you can get a tummy full of food within 5 Euros. Right under the Mensa is also a restaurant, the menu of which is different and you get more options and might prove slightly expensive. The ease of payment with your Student card is another advantage.

La Bruschetta

This is an Italian restaurant located right next to the International Zentrum towards the dorms. It sure qualifies as one of the most charming restaurants on the campus. Has a beautiful front yard with canopies and tables beautifully laid out. Certainly, the indoors are appealingly decorated and the hospitality is pleasant too. If you are a pizza or Italian food lover (I wonder who isn’t!), this is the place to go. They have a decent range of wines and beverages to offer. Although quite expensive, I would say the service and the quality of the food that is offered matches the prices. What has it got for the students? Well, they offer pizzas to take away at a meager price of around 5 Euros. This is certainly a stealer for the students considering the quality of these pizzas.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is rather hidden in the IZ. Carved as a part of the IZ foyer, this is one of my personal favorites. It’s not very expensive and the quick wraps are filling and a perfect bargain if you are in a hurry. The ambience is not very cozy, but, let’s say for a gang of students, it is a nice place to hang out. They also have some delicious soups on the menu which are served with a bread and turn out to be quite filling. They have a few vegan and vegetarian options too. Their mission turns out to be in making the fast food from across the globe healthily available at their outlets.

Taverna der Grieche

This is a Greek restaurant located behind La Bruschetta and forms one of the corners of the eatery triangle around the IZ. Although the building is exactly the same as La Bruschetta, they have given some Greek touch by spreading some sand in the front yard and by laying beach canopies and chairs. It is perfect for summer. However, the ambience inside is equally engaging for the winters and for those who prefer indoor dining. If you have a taste for the Greek cuisine, this restaurant is worth a try. They have some affordable options for the students as well.

Cafeterias and Frisch Markt

There are 3 cafeterias in the Vaihingen campus. There is one in Pfaffenwaldring 55 by the name Café Urknall. Cafeteria Denkpause ( Means thinking break café; Interesting name, isn’t it?) under the mensa and Contrast Cafeteria between Pfaffenwaldring 7 and 9. They offer a decent range of snacks (some of which can as well fill your tummy), beverages and coffees. What better place (after the bars of course) to hang out than cafeterias in between the lectures. There is also a café inside the Ökumenisches Zentrum that serves coffee and some other drinks too. It is a cool place as well to hang out and munch some falafel exclusively offered (only on Mondays).

Frisch Markt does not qualify as an eatery but, does have a small bakery which serves some snacks. If you reside in one of the dorms and lack cooking skills, the frozen pizzas (not healthy though) help in the times of hunger and laziness. You can, of course, find other basic groceries and drinks to stack your kitchen rack.

With all those places listed and introduced, the article draws to an end. In my opinion, the most viable option is to cook. Might seem a little too time-consuming in the beginning, but, trust me, as you get used to it, you wouldn’t find it hectic and would be eating healthy as well. Besides, it turns out to be a lifesaving hobby at the end of the day. Not sure what you would hold on to. But, it is worth giving all of them a visit. Explore and you would not repent.



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