Who We Are

Who We Are

Student life – relaxed, self-determined, free – the best time of your life. Is this just a myth? What is student life really like?

The University of Stuttgart’s student blog aims to make the often rather abstract concept of “university” a more open and accessible place. At USUS we focus on real experiences that are not necessarily part of the university’s official “small print”. Here you can find ideas that are worth reading, memories and a wealth of personal experiences based around the topics “at uni”, “outside of uni” and “after uni”.

Why is Our Blog Called “USUS”?

Anyone who looks it up in a dictionary will discover that “usus” is Latin and means “ordinary” or “habit”. So, does this mean that USUS is just an “ordinary” blog?

On the one hand yes, but of course without being boring: The blog is intended to become a habit for students at the University of Stuttgart, embodying the idea of usus. On the other hand, US is also a popular (internal) abbreviation for the University of Stuttgart, if you repeat this, you also end up with the name of the blog. But, it doesn’t matter what this baby is called; what is important is that it grows and flourishes.