An international student’s guide for international students

Where to go? Who to ask what?

Even if you safely made it to Stuttgart with all your papers and without losing any piece of luggage, the hardest part is probably yet to come: the dreaded bureaucracy. Knowing where to go to bring which papers, to become, for a semester or more, an official student at the University of Stuttgart – or just be able to do your laundry, keep reading to find out why!

The University has a number of offices dedicated  to both bureaucratic applications surrounding the university life and to improve your own time at university. Let’s see where to go.

The University of Stuttgart has four main campuses, In Stuttgart-Stadtmitte (City centre), Böbblinger Straße and Azenberg Straße and Stuttgart Vahingen (south of Stuttgart). Depending in your course of studies, your lessons may be located in either of them, depending on the department they belong to. It is important to note where they will be held, however the Offices you may have to or need to step by are not necessarily in the same Campus.  All following offices are located in Campus Vahingen.

Admissions Office - Abteilung Bewerbung, Zulassung, Einschreibung

This is a mandatory step.  Here you will need to bring in your documentation to finalize your enrolment at the university, including a copy of your personal ID and health insurance.

Once you are officially enrolled you will receive your University ID via post, which is something that you will also need to be able to eat in the Mensa – you will pay through it -, access University buildings and, if you live in some dormitories, possibly also do laundry. I personally know the hardships of not being able to do laundry because I didn’t have my card, so I recommend you pay them a visit this step as soon as you arrive.  Be sure to check if they allow visitors or you may just drop your documents in the post.

They are located in Vahingen Campus, Pfaffenwaldring 5c.

Admissions Office - Abteilung Bewerbung, Zulassung, Einschreibung

 The International Office –  Dezernat Internationales

The International Office - or International Student Services -  provides a wide range of assistance, from student counselling to socialization programs. They will help you if you are exchange or permanent resident, both when it come to navigate University administration – who to ask what? Where to go? -  and German bureaucracy. They offered huge support to both me and my friends, who found ourselves lost in this new academic environment, and where able to direct us to find just the solutions we needed, both in and out of campus. You can write to them directly or see if they have already some guides to help you. They are located in Campus Vahingen, Pfaffenwaldring 60.  

International Student Services

Examination Office – Prügungssamt

This is not a stop you will probably need immediately at your arrival, but most probably if you have questions regarding registering or deregistering to exams. Note that at University Stuttgart there is time frame during which either are possible, so be sure to not miss it and in case, contact them. I personally  used their help when I didn’t know if an exam would take place during a certain semester or in which form – oral, written.

Examination Office

Students Consulting Center - ZSB

They offer consultation during office hours and via Webex  for matters regarding the course of your studies, on how to start effectively and on what suits you best. You don’t need appointment unless for extended individual counselling sessions.

They are also located in Campus Vahingen, Pfaffenwaldring 5c.

Students Consulting Center

Academic Counseling - Fachstudienberatung

Their function are similar to that of the ZSS, but can help you more in detail with questions regarding your specific course of studies or subjects or they will be able to refer you to who can. They can answer technical questions and provide counselling for an eventual change of degree.

Academic Counseling

Commissioner for Students with Disability and Chronic Illnesses

If you suffer from a chronic illness, you surely know how hard it is to go about a normal university life, from simply attending classes to writing exams. The advisors for this office will be able to reassure you about your capabilities to do so and most importantly direct you on how to eventually ask for accommodations on Campus. You will be helped and listened to.

They are also located in Campus Vahingen, Pfaffenwaldring 5c, but write an email at best first.

Commissioner for Students with Disability and Chronic Illnesses

Family-friendly services

The university offers a variety of services for students and employees with children, such as childcare services and parent-child areas, both in Campus Stadtmitte and Vahingen.

Family-friendly services

Stuvus – Studienvertretung Universität Stuttgart

Stuvus is the students association at Stuttgart University, by students for students. They organize events regularly over the semester – don’t miss the parties -, give information regarding student groups, but also university study groups  and infrastructure problems and university calendar. They are students like you and me, and maybe you may feel more at ease talking to them – don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.  Their office is also located in Campus Vahingen, Pfaffenwaldring 5c.


Is there more to know about?

This is all the information you need to start efficiently, to have your documents and just be ready to focus. University is not only studying however. When I started, I didn’t know how important it would be for me to be able to ask for help and all the resources listed here are exactly what you need.  The university offers mentoring program for those who just arrived to the city: a senior student will navigate you personally through a new city and new experiences. Try and join groups of people with similar interests, or simply someone on the same study path through study groups. Last but not least important, take of note of the sport activities, both indoor and outdoor, that the university offers.



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