Where can I find an internship?

A frequent question among students

While some may have better luck than others, securing an internship is not always a walk in the park, as it demands dedication and persistence. Nonetheless, the rewards are well worth it, as it is the perfect opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

What does it depend on

There are multiple factors that play a role when it comes to finding an internship, like your studies, your work experience or the languages proficiency. However, proficiency in German is a key factor, as it significantly boosts your chances of obtaining an internship. Although Germany is increasingly diverse, most internship offers require at least a B2 German level. Therefore, if you already have this level, do not trust yourself, try to improve it, and if not, you still have some time to reach it.

Online search

To achieve your goals, it is vital to begin by defining them. That’s why a great starting point to secure an internship is identifying the companies that align with your interests, either by the projects they undertake, the clients they serve or the challenges they face. You can initiate this search with companies located in Stuttgart, and expand it to other regions in Germany or even Europe. A useful search engine to help you in this process is Environmental Expert.

Once you have shortlisted the companies, visit their websites to check for available internship positions that match your profile. If there are no vacancies, you can still apply by sending your resume and an exciting letter of motivation that highlights your desire to work with them and how you can contribute to their success.

If you are still unsuccessful in securing an internship, do not fret. You can still check multiple search engines such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Stellenwerk, which offer an extensive pool of internships. By filtering the search according to your preferences, you can find the internship that best suits your needs. Who knows, your dream internship might be just a few clicks away.


If you're still struggling to land an internship, don't hesitate to reach out to your network of friends and academics. Your classmates may be aware of other potential opportunities that you may have missed, so it's always worth asking them. Your professors are also experts in their respective fields and usually have connections in the industry, they can offer you valuable insights on internship openings. In my experience, my course director regularly emails us with internship opportunities, so it's crucial to remain attentive and check your inbox frequently.

Similarly, it is crucial to participate in committees or organizations related to your studies. These groups provide ideal spaces to cultivate new friendships, deepen your knowledge in your field, and even discover future job opportunities. By being an active member, you can gain valuable experience, network with professionals in your industry, and build your resume. This is an invitation to join these organizations and enjoy the benefits they offer.

My experience

As an example that could potentially be helpful to those of you who are currently seeking an internship, let me share my own experience. When I started my studies at the university, I applied to be a teacher's assistant, also known as a Hiwi. However, it wasn't an easy process, as most of the professors I contacted didn't need or already had assistants. Despite this, I persisted and eventually landed a job working in a laboratory at the university. It was a rewarding practice and also happened to be my first work experience in Europe.

In addition to my job in the laboratory, I also joined a student committee at the university. This was an incredibly enriching experience that not only enhanced my resume, but also allowed me to form close personal and professional relationships.

Thanks to the connections I made through the student committee, I learned about an appealing internship opportunity and applied for it directly. During the interview process, I got the impression that my experience working as a Hiwi and being involved in the student committee were essential factors in securing the internship.

I hope that this article has provided you with some helpful tips. Best of luck to you all!



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