A grant that erases borders

Andrés reports about the Erasmus+ program. He says: It's a chance to broaden your job prospects, enhance your resume and expand your knowledge.

An exchange to an unknown country, a new culture and some fresh life perspectives. Every day becomes a learning experience, where you will forge new friendships and discover your true self. It's a chance to broaden your job prospects, enhance your resume and expand your knowledge.

Erasmus+ (2021-2027) is an impressive European Union program that promotes education and sport among the youth. With a substantial budget of approximately 26.2 billion euros, the program's funding has nearly doubled compared to the previous period (2014-2020). This substantial increase reflects the program's commitment to empowering the young generations.

One of the pillars of Erasmus+ is social inclusion, as it is the perfect opportunity to erase not only democratic borders but also economic ones, providing all young people, regardless of their economic capacity or social status, with an economic subsidy throughout their exchange.

First steps and requirements

On the other hand, we are at a crucial moment in history, marked by the green and digital technologies. Aware of this reality, the program specially encourages and supports those exchanges that align with this vision. Being an incentive for the European Union to promote a stable, sustainable and lasting future.

To begin any adventure, the first step is to get informed. That’s why is always ideal to attend the "study abroad" info sessions organized by the university's international office. They have talks for each continent, so you can choose the one that matches your study interests. They'll cover academic requirements, deadlines and financial benefits for the opportunities available. It's a great way to start planning your study abroad journey. If you would like to participate in any of these sessions, you can register.

It is important to mention that the Erasmus+ scholarship is available mainly in the 28 member countries of the European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, Turkey and Macedonia. However, there are always exceptions. You never know, maybe the university you are looking for is one of them.

Financial support

To determine the financial support you'll receive, two essential components need to be specified: (1) the nature of your case, whether it's for a study or an internship/thesis, and (2) the country in which you'll be conducting it. If you're curious about the specific monthly amount provided for each case, you can find all the details here.

The apply for the Erasmus + grant, for an internship/thesis, these are the main documents to fill:

  • Application form

In this form, you will provide your general information along with relevant details from the University of Stuttgart and the company where you plan to undertake your internship or thesis.

  • Learning agreement

This document outlines the tasks to be performed and the goals to be achieved by the student, along with the methodology that the supervisor will use to assess this progress. To formalize the agreement, it requires signatures from the student, the student coordinator at the university, and the supervisor at the company.

  • Insurance statement

This document outlines the essential details regarding your insurance, which is a crucial aspect of ensuring a successful exchange experience. In the majority of cases, is responsibility of the student to have a suitable insurance coverage before embarking on the exchange program.

My experience

This program offers a wide range of opportunities, and I'm a perfect example of its benefits. I participated twice, first during my internship and later for my master's thesis, both completed in the Netherlands. During my internship, the company couldn't pay me the required minimum for a residence permit, but the program provided financial support to cover the difference. The same happened during my master's thesis, and the program once again came to my rescue. It's truly incredible!

Final thoughts

As mentioned before, there are many great reasons to do an exchange semester in the program's exciting destinations. Now, with the pandemic challenges behind us, it's the perfect time to seize this opportunity. I hope this article has given you useful tips and the motivation to embrace this enriching experience.

Keep me posted on how it goes!


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